Saturday, April 30, 2011

Success through Craigslist

We are feeling blessed today! We've had some awesome responses to our Craigslist ad (which I was a little nervous about at first!). So far, we've had responses from a military wife, a Filipino housekeeper, a 24 year old woman from Arizona, and a woman from Seattle who just wanted us to have her name and email in case we have any questions about childcare and preschool in Seoul (I can't wait to be part of the expatriate community-they're so supportive!). The woman from Arizona is actually pursuing her early elementary education degree and has a lot of experience working with kids of all ages, so she sounds perfect! She also plans to be there until August of 2012, giving us a year to get Cade into a preschool over there.  Thank you, Lord!
On top of it all, I had a hot shower tonight! A great day to be me!

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