Thursday, December 13, 2012


Well, we got the first snow of the season last week. It was a lot more exciting last week. Now, it's just brown, dirty snow that reminds us how cold it is outside.

But we had fun in it last week...

actually Cade is still having fun it whenever he gets the chance!

We got one afternoon off from school--the first day it snowed.

Then it snowed smaller amounts for the next two days...students and teachers alike were disappointed with the lack of snow days!

We found this little snow man...Cade was not interested in the effort it takes to make one of his own.

It does make everything look pretty...even the phone booth in our complex...without a phone in it.

I would love to show you the before and after of this shot...the wonders of Lightroom!

This kid was certain that he was traipsing through the forest because I let him run through the flower beds and landscaping in our complex that he doesn't normally get to walk through. He loved every moment of this little jaunt through the snow!

...while I looked for the light and the snow falling from the trees...

The snow is finally going to disappear today--37 degrees and rain today. But, we only have 3 more days until we take off for sunny Thailand, so we can handle it!!

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