Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 51: Anticipation

What a great week we had! Anticipation was a bit of an understatement for this week. We were so very excited for our trip!

Day 345: We got the Christmas Classics collection from a friend, so the kids were able to watch all of those televised Christmas movies from our childhood. I love it!

 Day 346: Checking the weather in Hua Hin, Thailand. So excited for warm weather!

Day 347: Opened presents on Skype with Grandma, so that we didn't have to take them with us to Thailand, and so that she could see the kids open them.

Day 348: Packing just gets easier and easier for us. I was pretty sure I'd forgotten important things, but as usual, we had more than we needed!

Day 349: Flying China Southern Airlines--the announcements were made in English after Chinese and Thai. A miserably long day of travel after our long layover was made even longer, but the anticipation was worth it!

Day 350: The kids were so excited to see Grandpa! He started reading them Treasure Island last summer, but Cade didn't make it past the first few words on our first night.

Day 351: We rented motorbikes and drove to the nearby national park to explore the caves and eat some lunch. Cade was pretty sure he needed to wear his goggles for the ride!

The adults would not have missed Christmas one bit this year once we'd made it to Thailand, but the kids still asked every day, "Is it Christmas today?" They were still anticipating the big day!

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