Sunday, December 30, 2012

Week 52: Merry Christmas

The last post of 2012! The last week of 2012! I have lots of pictures of Thailand to go through, so it's going to take me a little while, but here's another sneak peek!

Day 352: Our 2nd day on motorbikes in Thailand. We drove the beach rodes, checked out the squid boats, and one of the Buddhist temples.

Day 353: We headed to Monkey Island and boated to the national park. Friendly monkeys and gusty winds made for an interesting trip!

Day 354: The resort celebrated Christmas Eve with a big buffet dinner and a visit from Santa--played by my dad. A secret that he had managed to keep from all of us and was quite a surprise!

Day 355: Cade came down with a bad fever on Christmas Eve and went to bed before dinner. He still wasn't feeling well the next day, but he managed to get up for presents before heading back to bed.

Day 356: My dad, his wife, and brother left to continue their adventures through Thailand. We headed into Hua Hin for the afternoon.

Day 357: We spent our last day lounging around poolside and at the beach. What an amazing vacation!

Day 358: The sun setting over China as we headed back to Seoul.

I figured out a few weeks ago that my numbers are off, and it's been bugging me, but it felt strange just not numbering anymore. So, they're off. Maybe if I hadn't spent the last 10 days relaxing on the beach in Thailand, I would care. But, I did, so I don't.

I hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas! We missed a lot of family, but we are so thankful to get to spend the holidays with some of our family! Maybe next year, we can see the rest in India? Vietnam?

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  1. Looks like an amazing vacation to Thailand. I hope to make it there some day. Monkey Island looks fun and those squid boats are so colorful and neat. My numbers were off too and it was bugging me so I went back through all my posts and fixed them but it took awhile--not sure it was worth the time. I doubt anyone notices or cares but us. LOL! Happy New Year!

  2. What a great time spent together. Hope it was fabulous! Happy New Year!


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