Thursday, January 3, 2013

Dolphin Bay Resort

What a great trip we had to Hua Hin, Thailand! The resort that we stayed at, Dolphin Bay, was nice, clean, and very family friendly.

Because there were seven of us, we reserved the three bedroom apartment which meant that we had our own pool--a real lifesaver once three of the seven of us had pink eye! Both kids got it almost immediately and Kennedy had been sharing a pillow with my brother (she moved out to the couch to sleep once he was ready for bed), so he got it, too. Nothing like going to Thailand to get pink eye from your niece and nephew!

There were two public pools that were nice, too. A little one that was perfect for Cade to be able to walk around in, a deeper one that Kennedy could walk in, and then a deep pool. This area got pretty loud with all of the little kids running around, though, so we were very grateful to have our pool to retreat to!

There were swings, a play house, and large grassy areas to play in, too. There was a nice little store that everything from citronella incense to fever syrup to pistachios...just in case you need them, and as it turned out, we did.

The beach was right across the street, and it was so nice to feel warm sand and warm water in the middle of December!

Yet another way my brother may have gotten pink eye...Cade liked to wear his snorkle gear in our pool!

Dolphin Bay is not exactly the...ahem...area for action or nightlife. I think if you had teenagers, they might be a bit...well...bored. There's not much you can walk to. Our resort was definitely the busiest place in the area. It worked well for our young kids, though. And we made the most of it!

The restaurant at the resort had pretty good prices and it was convenient! The food wasn't bad and the service was great. We had a lot of late lunches and skipped dinner, but it was nice to have it when the kids were convinced they were starving at 7:00!

We had a great trip. Since Cade had a fever the last few days that we were there, he and Eric were ready to head home. Kennedy and I were ready to find elephants, but I guess that we'll have to save that for the next trip!

I have about 165 more pictures, of course, but I'm not sure how quickly they'll get posted. I'm working on my latest unit: Middle Eastern literature right now. I'm excited to get into The Kite Runner in class, but it will be an interesting few months!

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