Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Christmas Day

It always takes me so long to get my pictures posted that by the time I get them up, it feels as though it's been months since the event actually took place! It's only been one month since Christmas, but it feels as if it's been much longer. My brother just got home from Thailand this week, but we're four weeks into second semester already.

This week Eric's mom bought her ticket to Seoul for spring break, and we bought our tickets back to the States for the summer. We're all ready for another vacation, I guess!

Christmas morning the kids were excited to get up and open their presents, of course. Cade was still not feeling great, but he managed just fine.

Grandpa spoiled them and brought presents from the States, so they were very excited for all of their new Legos!

And, the adults managed to make it through before heading out to breakfast and that first cup of coffee!

We spent the day lounging, relaxing, and spending some quality Lego-building time since my dad, brother, and Gretchen were taking off the next day.

Kennedy and I took a walk down the beach.

We had Christmas dinner at an Indian restaurant down the road which was really good. Cade fell asleep before we'd even ordered, so he got passed around the table as we ate. I forgot to bring my camera, though, so no pictures.

Last year we ate Korean food in Korea on Christmas. This year we ate Indian food in Thailand on Christmas. I wonder where we'll be and what we'll be eating next year on Christmas day!

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