Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Monkey Island

Obviously we've been a little busy this week! My dad flew in from Thailand last Thursday and we've been on the go every day since! Of course I have many pictures of his visit, but I have yet to get any off the camera. It's a busy week in other respects, as well. So, I'll get to them when I can.

I think it was on our 4th day that we finally headed to Monkey Island. Friends had told us about this place, and Cade had been waiting for a long time to finally see Monkey Island.

So, we boarded our little boat and one of the local fisherman took us out there. A Thai woman on vacation joined us, so we ended up having an interpreter along for the ride.

The view of our resort from the water.

Handed off the camera for once, so I could get a picture of me. That one didn't turn out, but this one did...with a little sunflare.

Our beach again...from a much greater distance this time.

The beach at Monkey Island.

As soon as we arrived, the monkeys were all over us and the boat trying to get the bananas that we had brought. This one sat up on the helm right next to my head.

The beach was littered in little monkeys. They were friendly, but they were hungry!

Gretchen checking out the view...

The kids weren't too sure about the monkeys, especially after they started climbing on my brother's head.

They both enjoyed watching the monkeys...from a distance!

After we finished checking out the monkeys, we were on our way again. We went back to the national park, this time by boat. And we hiked back to the same cave again, too.

After a couple of weeks of frozen temperatures, a warm Thai beach sounds perfect! In other news, after about 10 days of well below freezing weather, our washing machine finally thawed this week and we have clean clothes again! Yay!

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