Saturday, July 20, 2013

In the South End

Now that we have just a few more days left of our vacation, I'm starting to feel the pinch of having so many pictures to edit and post! I know that once we get back to Korea, it will be time to start working, and I can't really complain after not doing any work all summer!

After our week at the cabin, we headed down to Great Wolf Lodge with Eric's mom. The kids were so excited for their next vacation! They loved walking around with their wands to see what magic would happen, as well as the evening shows.

We had a beautiful room--by far the most comfortable bed of the eight we've slept in this summer! And the kids enjoyed every moment in the water park. They were exhausted by bedtime!

Unfortunately, I was scared to bring my camera into the water park, so I didn't get any pictures of the glee on their faces, but I can tell you they had a lot of fun! Cade couldn't go on any of the inner tube slides, but he enjoyed the big body slides. Kennedy loved the tube rides that she could go down with us, and they both loved the wave pool.

Since we weren't too far from Mt. St. Helen's, we headed down there before we headed north again.

It was a beautiful day with very little cloud cover, so we hiked down the path a ways before the kids decided they were done. It was a nice trip, especially since Eric and I hadn't been there since we were young.

On our way home, the kids fell asleep. We knew we needed to stop and eat, so that we could wake them up.

We ended up finding Patty's Place. A beautiful little farmhouse turned restaurant right along the highway. The weather was perfect for sitting outside, and we had one of the most amazing views I have ever had from a restaurant.

Afterwards, we let the kids run around and explore for awhile before heading back to Lindy's.

It was the perfect ending to another amazing little vacation!

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