Saturday, December 21, 2013

Kennedy's Christmas Program

Things have been pretty busy around here!

Eric keeps talking to people about these pictures as if they have seen them, though, so I feel as if I should show them to you!

This past week was full of immense amounts of essay grading and midterm study sessions. I'm almost done with those essays, but I've barely started on the 80 tests I have to grade.

Nearly two weeks ago now, Kennedy had her Christmas concert. It was three Kindergarten classes and all four first grade classes. It may have been the most adorable thing I've ever seen!

It's Ms. Weir's first year as the music teacher for K-3, and she did an amazing job putting together this program. The kids did a great job, too!

There are videos to be seen, but I have neither uploaded my own, nor gotten the links from others. So, in spite of Eric's promises, you're out of luck in that area! Kennedy did do a great job of posing with her friends, family, and teachers after the show, though.

My brother arrived on Thursday night, after having received his passport just the day before he hopped on the plane. I think we were all quite surprised that he actually made it on time!

Our first day was spent driving to Cade's school to drop off the tuition we'd forgotten earlier, meeting people at school, lunch in Itaewon, and kalbi for dinner at our favorite neighborhood place.

On our first day of vacation, we got up early and experienced Korean Costco on Saturday. Nothing like it! Then we trekked to Dongdaemun to have lunch at a Nepalese restaurant with a friend. It was delicious! The afternoon was spent putting together Legos and our evening ended with spaghetti and the kids' first introduction to The Santa Claus.

Our goal is to get out of the house and into the cold today for a couple of other Korean experiences. It's almost noon now and we're not even dressed, so we'll have to see how much we get accomplished today...but I'm sure the day will end with some nice, warm dolsot bibimbap!

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