Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Dinner

This week began with the YISS Christmas dinner at the Seoul Millenium Hilton, which is quickly becoming a tradition. We also had Kennedy's Christmas program at school, which was very impressive. I've been feeling like every day is Friday since Monday, so it's a relief that tomorrow finally is Friday. That has been compounded by the fact that all week we've gotten little dustings of snow. Maybe a half inch every day, but it never amounts to anything. The snow day we all hope for this time of year continues to evade us.

This week I have been continually and immensely grateful for our car. Evening treks in the winter are tough--especially on the kids--so it's been really nice knowing that we can drive many places.

It has also been nice knowing exactly where we're going and what to expect this year. Being able to drive to the Hilton at the last minute when it was raining, and we didn't want to mess with hiking up the hill in dresses and heels in the rain was such a relief!

Unfortunately, I didn't do as good of a job getting pictures of us this year.

One of our staff members volunteered again this year to take pictures of everyone, so I didn't bother to hand off my camera to anyone. Not brilliant, I suppose, since we never took a family picture in the fall this year, either.

The kids were obviously pretty shy when we asked them to stand up there by themselves to get their pictures taken!

By the time Kennedy's concert rolled around, Cade wasn't even willing to stand in front of a camera, so I guess I should be grateful for these pictures!

Kennedy, on the other hand, is more than willing to pose for me...

The week began with pictures of these three girls in front of the Christmas tree at church. Somehow, their dresses coordinated and had very similar styles at every event this week. 

We even tried to get a picture of all of the staff kids together. Unfortunately, even at its widest, my lens couldn't get all of them in. Kennedy is barely in this shot--and looking at someone outside of it--in the bottom righthand corner. She's got one of our friend's sons on her lap--what a goof!

Apparently, she was in the mood for pictures that night, because about 10 minutes later she came and got me (and my camera) to take a picture with Kyla, one of our neighbors and one of my students. It was pretty cute!

This has obviously been a really busy week. My students have turned in a lot of little end-of-the-quarter assignments, leaving me with a lot to grade and enter. And, of course, I still have a huge pile of essays to grade, but Eric says he's been waiting for this post, so here it is!

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