Thursday, January 23, 2014

Seoul Tower

On Monday, we had our first snow day of the school year, and it was great! I'm so glad that we moved to another place in the world where we can get the day off from school for an inch of snow on the ground. It was a great day for it, as we got to see the Seahawks win the NFC championship in real time at home in our PJs, rather than in class while distracted by other things.

By the end of the game, the roads were clear, so we decided to take advantage of the mid-week afternoon to head to Costco. It may have been the emptiest I've ever seen Costco! We were able to get in, get out, and return home again within a couple of hours. It was a good thing, because the blizzard began before we'd even gotten out of the car after arriving home.

On Trav's first Sunday here, we decided to go up to Seoul Tower. It's always an important trip to get in early, so that one has a better perspective as to the size of the city and where things are. Eric, Travis, and the kids decided to hike up to the tower, but I wasn't feeling up to the trek in the cold weather, so I planned to take the bus.

The kids started off their morning right. They were so excited by the many cereal options that my brother had brought along, that they couldn't choose just one. Cade had the brilliant idea to have his cereal in his sectioned lunch tray for school. Kennedy was feeling left out, so she went the muffin tin route.

They took off not long after breakfast, and I leisurely made my way to the bus stop. I'll never forget this trip to Seoul Tower, as my cousin called while I was on the side of an eight lane highway waiting for the bus to tell me that my grandma had passed away. I was thankful for the Viber app that day--even without wifi I had great reception, though the traffic made it difficult to hear.

I was grateful for the bus trip that day; it provided me some downtime to process and grieve before sharing the news and pretending like I was happy to be at Seoul Tower with the crowds.

We all walked back down after a lame lunch of hamburgers and fries at what is advertised to be the restaurant that serves "Seoul's best burgers." No one ever advertises "Seoul's smallest hamburgers."

Cade enjoyed finding very large sticks. He looks even more like Elmer Fudd when he's holding that thing!

After our walk, we looked up flights and talked about flying home. We procrastinated on calling back home until we were all hungry again.

Travis had been craving some bibimbap--which I think he had in about 10 different restaurants in the time he was here--so, we went to the first Korean restaurant that we went to when we first arrived. He had his dolsot bibimbap and the kids and I had bulgogi--only the second time we've had it in a restaurant since moving here.

It had been an emotionally exhausting day, and I think we were all glad when it was over--not that you can tell from these pictures of the kids. They were enjoying wearing Uncle Fraffy's hat and gloves! (And, since there is not a single picture of Seoul Tower itself in this post about our trip there, I figured I should at least link you in the right direction--our last trip there was last March--when I did take pictures of the tower!)

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