Saturday, January 18, 2014

What We Ate

It is quite possible that in the almost four weeks that my brother was here, we saw more of Korea than we have in the last 2 1/2 years. As a result, I have a lot of pictures to share. Eric joked the other day that I will probably be sharing pictures until April, but we all know that's not a joke. It usually takes me about 3 months to get through all of our summer pictures, so it may be about the same!

Travis got in the evening before our last day of school. I actually didn't have to go to school that day (officially, anyway), so we had the great joy of driving to Cade's school an hour after we'd put him on the bus to drop off his tuition. Long, bad story. We made it back to school in time to take care of a few things before the middle school Christmas lunch at the new BBQ place in Itaewon.

That evening, we went out for galbi at our favorite neighborhood Korean restaurant. Cade loves galbi--even the bones! (Ironically, these pictures of him were edited with a preset named "Sweetheart"--he looks like anything but a sweetheart in these pictures!)

Gyeranjjim, or steamed egg, is one of my favorite side dishes.

Saturday morning, we gave him the truly Korean experience of heading to Costco to fight the masses. All was well until Eric said that he needed to push the cart, too--otherwise you haven't really experienced Korean Costco. An experience that he does not need to re-live!

After Costco, we headed home to unload groceries and headed out to meet a friend for lunch. We went to the much-acclaimed Everest, in Dongdaemun. I'd been hearing about this Nepalese restaurant for the past year and was excited to finally try it! It was delicious! And, Ross, having lived in Nepal, said it was pretty authentic.

Have you noticed a theme here? I think that oftentimes our days revolved around food--and sometimes when we neglected to do so, things went downhill quickly. Our afternoon culminated in Legos, of course, and some good ole' spaghetti for dinner. Nothing like flying to Korea to have spaghetti from a jar. That's right. We're classy around here.

If I have a post for every two days that Travis was here, then it will probably take more than three months to make it through this--I'll have to cut down!

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