Friday, June 13, 2014

Halfway There!

This little jellybean is already halfway! There's a part of me that thinks, "I'm only 5 months?" and then the other part responds back with "You only have 5 months left!"

Strangely, I think we're more prepared for this baby than we were with Kennedy by this time. Having just moved into the house and knowing that I still had plenty of time to collect what I needed, I didn't feel too rushed. I wouldn't say that I've felt rushed this time, either, but with so many people with babies leaving this year, it made it easy to collect much of what we needed earlier.

I'm already much more in the what else do we need and less in the there's so much we need state of mind. Knowing that we just have to turn in a requisition for a crib and it will be here in a day or two is pretty nice, I'll admit. But I'm so overwhelmed by all of the other huge stuff we have around for this kid already, that we probably won't get that for quite some time.

We finally upgraded our couch and chair last month, which means that we have a comfortable place to sit, but since we haven't shipped out the old furniture (the school will pick it up whenever we decide we're ready to let it go), there was no longer a place for me to take my weekly picture with the real camera in the living room. I'll admit that the phone does make it much easier to write on the photos!

The whole family went to the doctor today for the big ultrasound. Kennedy had been waiting for this opportunity, and I guilt-tripped Eric into going to one of Jellybean's doctor appointments, especially since we already had to take Cade for his immunizations. Everything is good with this busy little baby boy. I can't believe how active he is already!

I've started gaining weight now that I've stopped throwing up--a real thrill, but a necessity, I suppose. Kennedy says that she can't see a difference in my belly looking at the pictures week to week, but looking at that 20 week picture, I would say that it's fairly obvious that I'm with bump, not just plump!

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