Tuesday, August 5, 2014

The Bean

Since I still haven't edited any real pictures, I figured I would share more phone photos! And since it's been awhile since I've posted an update, there's kind of a lot of pictures of me in a mirror. Sorry.

I actually felt pretty good most of the time we were in the States. Granted, the flights were uncomfortable. About halfway to WA, I started thinking to myself "maybe this isn't worth it. what was I thinking?!" but of course, it was worth it. Even though I had to fly back again in six weeks.

We were blessed to have real beds to sleep in nearly everywhere we stayed, and I don't think I slept in more than six different beds, which is pretty good for us. Some consistency helps to alleviate discomfort, I have learned. My dad and Gretchen really went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable--including buying a new bed and not actually sleeping in their house.

I did develop a backache on my right side from driving long distances over the summer, but most of the time it was only on the long trips. Unfortunately, by the end, even a short trip was causing me pain. Since the flight home, the backache is pretty consistent every time I sit anywhere. I guess that's a good excuse to get up!

It's funny to me now that I actually thought there were days in WA that were hot. Of course not having a reprieve from the heat while at home is tough (few people have AC because it's so rarely needed), but these days I barely leave the house because it's so hot and muggy outside. Here, the only escape from the heat outside is in our house!

I still haven't had any weird food cravings (nothing that I think is weird, anyway), though there are times when I want what I want. Eric was a bit of an enabler with me when I was in the first trimester with Cade and would get me whatever I wanted to eat (which was greatly appreciated!). I think because I was so sick in the first trimester with this little jellybean, I never wanted anything.

Having anything I wanted at my fingertips in the States didn't do me any favors, though. My doctor actually laughed when she saw that I had gained eight pounds in two months. I wanted to tell her that I probably would have done that even if I wasn't pregnant! Usually, though, I come back and spend so much time walking outside that I sweat off all of the extra pounds I've gained over the summer. I don't think that will be happening this year!

This guy continues to be a mover and a shaker. He's head down now (and hopefully stays that way!), but I swear sometimes it still feels like he's doing flips. His movements are so big that they can be very distracting when I'm trying to type or read a book, and sometimes I see a hand or an elbow pointing out of my belly. All of my kids have been pretty active in utero, but I am grateful that this guy isn't getting the hiccups all the time yet. Cade seemed to have them several times a day and still gets them pretty often.

We still haven't made much progress in terms of names for this guy, but I'm sure we'll have something figured out by the time we're heading to the hospital! We collected some clothes and other necessities over the summer, so we're starting to feel ready for his arrival, in spite of the fact that his bedroom still looks (and functions) like an office.

And now, I have to either lay down or stand up, because my back is killing me!!

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