Thursday, August 28, 2014

The Melon

Okay, I don't think it's fair to call this kid a "bean" anymore. He's more like a melon! When I went to the doctor today, I got another level two ultrasound--the one where they measure everything and check on all of his organs, etc. She even told me that his palate is normal, not cleft, and I think this was the third time she had counted all of his fingers and toes. Are there any surprises when the baby comes out anymore?

Anyway, she didn't laugh at my weight gain this month; in fact, she said it was normal and on track. It was a relief, since I hadn't had a chance to calculate my weight gain yet. She did, however, laugh at the weight of this baby residing in my belly. The ultrasound tech had also commented that he was big, but still in the normal range. I couldn't help but wonder if he is just big compared to Korean babies, but when I converted 1.9 kg, I was shocked to find that he already weighs over 4 pounds!

Of course, I had to Google what other moms had experienced, especially when the ultrasound spits out that estimated due date based on baby's weight. Right now, I'm 31 weeks and 5 days and the ultrasound predicted 33 weeks and 6 days, but I know that's always been a bit off with all of my pregnancies. (I think I've always looked at that number and hoped it was the more accurate due date!) Anyway, it turns out that 4lbs 3oz is pretty normal for this age, so I guess I shouldn't be too shocked. It just seems so huge!

She said he's measuring at about 17 inches long, so nearly the length that he should be at birth. That explains why things are starting to get so uncomfortable! Unfortunately, he did flip in the last month, and he's currently got his rear end down and both his head and feet are resting just under my rib cage. Lovely. I'm trying not to worry too much about it; I know he has plenty of time to flip still, but this is new to me as both Kennedy and Cade stayed head down for the last couple of months.

I took a friend who is due the week after I am to this appointment, so that we could tour the labor and delivery facilities of the hospital. I'll admit that I'm not feeling much more comfortable after the tour! There is one room for labor and recovery, which is private, thankfully. But then, they take you to another room for delivery. Even though I wasn't in labor, this room was horrifying! I think the bed and stirrups have probably been there since 1977, and the practices seem similar, since the mom has to go into this room by herself--no husbands, no moms, nobody. Yikes! There has to be an alternative to now I have some work to do!

The back pain hasn't really improved, but I've figured out a couple of ways to avoid it--mostly avoiding driving and sitting. That makes life easy, right? My feet have started to hurt a bit more in the past week, but thankfully I still don't have too much swelling. Probably because I have to lay down to avoid the backaches! I'm so excited for September to be here, as it means that the temperature should start to drop below 80 every once in awhile, and I might actually leave the house again! Only two months until we get to meet this little guy. I s'pose that means we should name him?!

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