Friday, September 5, 2014

At Lidi's

Things have been a little humdrum over here. That's not to say that nothing has been going on; just nothing to write home about. And so, I've struggled to get motivated to write at all. But, I do have these pictures from our trip home, so I s'pose I could write about that.

As I mentioned, we only had a three week overlap with my dad. Considering that was half of our trip home, it made sense that after he left, we would spend the majority of our time with Eric's mom.

Of course, she works while we're there, so we have to find ways to entertain ourselves during the day, which isn't too difficult.

Eric and the kids spent one day hiking with his aunt and cousin. We visited numerous parks. Seriously. I don't think I can count them all!

Each of the kids displayed some serious TCK moments. While I was shopping for maternity clothes one day, Kennedy looked through the racks of clothes to see in what country each of the items were made, All I could think was that I would never have considered that at her age! Cade--through the length of the summer--commented on the size of parking spaces in America, saying things like "Look Mom! I can open my door all the way and still not hit the other car!" It's the little things, isn't it, Cade?

Eric would have been content to go on a hike every day of the entire summer, enjoying the nature and vastness of WA, but he couldn't drag me on most of them.

On this particular day, he told me that it was only about a mile loop to walk at this park. But, I had left my tennis shoes in the car and flip flops weren't doing it for me at that point. So he and Cade went on ahead, again.

He took me on a date one night to a restaurant overlooking Tumwater Falls, where we had some really good food. Then we walked a bit downtown Olympia and ended up sitting in front of the lake watching the joggers go by. I was not up for walking around. Really, I just wanted ice cream.

Kennedy learned how to ride her bike without training wheels this summer (finally!), and we (finally!) bought Cade a bike for the States. They spent hours and hours riding around Lidi's neighborhood.

Eric also got them a slip'n'slide that lasted about as long as it took me to take this picture. I enjoyed my homemade cherry limeade and a book while the kids played in the sprinkler, after the slip'n'slide broke.

It is (maybe?) starting to cool down a bit here, finally. We had one day where the highs stayed in the 70s, which was nice. I'm still not feeling great, but at least we're able to count down the weeks now until we meet this little guy, and we are (ever so slowly) preparing for his arrival! This week we have Chuseok, so Eric and the kids have the next 5 days off from school. We didn't get Labor Day off, but I think this is a pretty good trade!

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