Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Happy 8th Birthday, Kennedy

To Kennedy on your 8th birthday,

I can't believe that it has been 8 years since you made me a mom for the first time. I remember spending months and months preparing for your arrival. It was very momentous for us! We had been married for just over 2 years. You arrived shortly before my 24th birthday. We bought a house and an SUV. We hit up garage sales and collected hand-me-downs for the big stuff, but you got a lot of new stuff, too. You were the first, after all!

I tell you these things because you are going to remember the arrival of another brother shortly after your 8th birthday. You're going to remember that we threw everything together in the last month before his arrival. You're going to remember how long we spent collecting whatever anyone was willing to give us for this little addition.

Sometimes, you complain about how hard it is to be the oldest. You make reference to the fact that we've "experimented" on you. You have had to suffer as a result of our parenting shortcomings, and we always reply with a quip about the fact that we, too, are firstborns. We survived our parents' "experiments," and you will, too. But, I want you to know that since before you were even born, we have done the very best that we could to give you the best life possible.

We may not remember all of the little details about the beginning of your life as well as we do those of your brothers. We certainly didn't document everything as well after your first year. And no, we had no idea how to operate a camera, but we still took the pictures!

You are the oldest and you are our only little girl, which makes you pretty special. You're going to be the best little mama to your new baby brother, and I'm excited to be able to stop reminding you that your not Cade's mom. I think you'll enjoy bossing around this little brother much more because he'll listen much better!

You have been a great big sister to Cade, especially this fall as he's made the transition to YISS. You've led him all around the school, picked him after the day has ended, and chatted with him about the teachers that you have in common. You've supported him as he's learned to read and helped him with math. I can hardly wait to see how you help your new baby brother in these areas in a few years!

You have the biggest heart, and you love so well! Your dad and I always receive compliments on how well-behaved, how respectful, and how happy you are (not that we can take the credit!). We are so proud of you, and we have been since the very first time you were placed in our arms.

I love you little girl and am so excited to celebrate you turning 8 today!


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