Friday, September 26, 2014

An Update

I just wanted to provide a quick update, since I left you with me on bed rest. 

It was back to the grind on Tuesday for everyone. Eric and the kids returned to school, and I returned to dishes, laundry, and cooking. I will admit that after two days of lounging, it seemed to require a bit more energy to do the normal tasks, but I'm back in the rhythm now.

My backache (the new lower one, not the long-time middle one) has eased for the most part, and while I'm not feeling great because I am 35 weeks pregnant, I'm feeling better than I was.

I returned to the doctor yesterday for my regular appointment, and she seemed confident that as I long as I was feeling okay, everything was okay. She didn't do another ultrasound since I'd just had one, but she listened to his heartbeat with the doppler, and he sounds healthy as a horse.

I got in a little trouble because somehow I managed to lose a pound this week. I blame the scale, myself. She asked if I was eating 3-4 times a day, and I said more like 5 or 6 times. She asked if I was exercising too much; I told her only if laying on the couch counts as exercise. Seriously, I can't explain it.

She also informed me that she will be out the country for my 37th week, so that's motivation to keep this little guy in there a little longer. Hopefully, he'll be ready to go as soon as she returns (wishful thinking, of course)!

Our crib and dresser arrived yesterday, and I have to do lists written for every week until I reach 40. I'm hoping that the magical due date means something to this kid!

There are still a few little things we need to pick up (like diapers, for example), but my Amazon order arrived this week, so I think we're finally starting to feel ready. Eric says that having a crib in the house makes it feel much more real. I wonder how long it will be before we stop calling the nursery the office. It would probably help if we could just call it "____________'s room," but that's difficult since we haven't filled in the blank. I think we're getting closer.

My photography class is now officially over, so I continue to grace you with the random iPhone pictures from our week! I'm not planning to do the photo a day thing next month, so I don't know what pictures I'll provide you with!

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