Friday, September 12, 2014

A Work in Progress

This has obviously been kind of a busy week. With everybody home on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, I didn't have much time for blogging. And then Thursday and Friday I was busy running errands, among other things.

We spent much of our Chuseok holiday relaxing, but we did manage to get a little accomplished, as well. The nursery is a work in progress.

On Saturday, Eric took the kids on a hike up to Seoul Tower again (I stayed home). On Sunday, Eric took the kids to Seoul Station to pass out food to the homeless there (I stayed home). On Monday, Eric took Kennedy on a pretty challenging hike on Bukhansan (Cade and I stayed home). Notice a pattern here? I'm not feeling too energetic these days!

On Tuesday and Wednesday, we worked on cleaning out the office to turn it into a nursery. We finally cleared off the desk and turned in the requisition to have the school come pick it up. And, Eric and I switched closets, so that he won't have to wake up the baby in the morning to get dressed. I've condensed my clothes down to one closet and now the baby and I each have one in the "nursery."

I also finally managed to sort through most of the hand-me-downs we've received and started washing some teeny tiny baby clothes now that we have a place to put them! We still don't have a crib or a name for this baby, but the big stuff always comes together in the end, right?!

I promised earlier that I wouldn't share the boring pictures I've been taking for my class, but I broke down and did it, because the alternative is no pictures. The first week, we just worked on exposure. Then, it was nailing exposure while focusing on aperture. And the hardest has been nailing exposure while focusing on either freezing or showing motion. We're not allowed to edit, so you get what you get with these images straight out of the camera!

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