Friday, November 23, 2012

Family Picnic

Ha! So, I thought I'd throw in a random post from last summer just to keep you guessing!

I've had this post sitting here for about a month with the pictures all ready to go. Just haven't had time to put down any words. Well, any words aside from those going on my students' essays or exams.

So, last summer after our great trip to Sun Valley, we went to the Carlson family picnic in Tacoma. 

We had rolled into Lacey at around 5:00 in the morning after driving all night. We slipped into Eric's mom's new house and all went straight to bed for a short nap.

We got up around 10, took showers, and we were on the road again!

The kids (big and small) had a ball playing in the backyard with their cousins, and I had fun taking pictures with all of the other DSLR-packing moms!

There was even time for some very serious games of badminton.

A Carlson family tradition, of course.

Oh, how I miss warm weather and green grass! And family, of course!

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