Saturday, November 3, 2012

Week 44: Halloween

Another good, busy week! We've finally reached 300 days! I'm excited to be done with this project, but I'm also excited because we're going to Thailand right before the new year, so the countdown is on!

Day 296: You already saw the pictures of Fun Fest, but Cade and I also went to the park with one of his buddies, Ezra, on Friday morning. It was a beautiful, warm day. I could not get both of these boys to look at the camera at the same time to save my life.

Day 297: Halloween on base. Trick or treating at Embassy housing. My kids were so happy to get to celebrate Halloween this year. Last year, Kennedy could not understand why we couldn't go to the Korean houses and ask for candy! This year, she didn't have to worry about it thanks to good friends!

Day 298: I was in charge of snacks this week for my Sunday night class which I took as a great opportunity to buy delicious (expensive) foods, like brie, that I never get to buy anymore. I also made a persimmon sauce to drizzle over the brie with leftover persimmons I had in the 'fridge.

Day 299: Long day at school. No picture.

Day 300: I'd been craving something, anything made with pumpkin (to go along with my homemade pumpkin spice lattes). So I made a banana pumpkin bread. Delicious! See the recipe here.

Day 301: Long day at school. Kennedy got to dress up for harvest day at school. She was adorable. Cade got to dress up for his harvest party at play group. He was a basketball player. I worked and forgot to take a picture (lame mom).

Day 302: Prepping for my next unit on Ancient Indian literature: society, politics, and religion...three of my favorite things...not.

Kennedy is finally healthy again. Cade has a cold. Eric has lost his voice. I have a sore throat. Next week will, no doubt, be a long one. But, Kennedy has recently been exposed to both chicken pox and scarlet fever at school, so I guess if we manage to evade both of those in exchange for colds, then we should be grateful!

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  1. Pumpkin banana bread sounds delicious! It would be good for breakfast!

  2. Love this time of year...pumpkin bread, banana it all!! Visitng from Project 366.

  3. I'm glad they went trick or treating this year.

  4. I hope you all get healthy by the end of this week!! What do you teach, again, I can't remember!

  5. Yikes! Sorry about the sickies going around. Hope you have a healthy household again real soon and avoid those really nasty bugs. Your pumpkin bread and drizzle sauce both look amazing.


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