Friday, November 2, 2012

Family Photo Shoot

One of the few family photos that we got last year was on this rock at Namsan Park (a short walk from our house). I liked the shot so much that I wanted to try to do it again.

Since my family is not always very cooperative with my efforts, I figured that we'd better try it again on a day when (in theory) they're supposed to be a little more open to my ideas: my birthday.

So, after breakfast, we all got dressed and headed out to the bus stop. Well, Eric thought we were going to the park. I was headed to the bus stop. He just thought I wanted pictures of us in the leaves. He didn't realize that I wanted to go back to the exact same spot. But, really, what are the chances we're going to find two other large rocks that are the right distance apart with a decent backdrop? Not likely.

Unfortunately, there weren't many leaves yet. If we'd waited another week or two, there would be an abundance of leaves (but it would also be cold!).

They did a great job of making the most of what we had, though.

and I got a few good shots of my family.

They did have fun for a little while, though Kennedy quickly forgot that!

I tried to get one of all of our feet in the leaves (I know it's cliche), but that was not working for us, so I settled for just mine!

I got to go home and take a nap after our little photo shoot while Eric and the kids stayed at the park (it is impossible for me to sleep when the kids are home and awake--you can hear every little noise in this little apartment with wood floors!). Then, later we went out for dinner. It was a great, relaxing birthday!

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