Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Halloween in Seoul

We were so excited to celebrate Halloween this year! Well, okay, let me re-phrase that: at one point, we were really excited to celebrate Halloween this year. Our friends had offered to take us trick or treating on the base with them about six weeks ago. At the time, it sounded great.

And it was fun. But, since Eric was doing the planning, I didn't really know what was going on. On Thursday or Friday, he told me that the trick or treating was on Saturday, rather than Halloween. That was fine, but it did leave me with little time to figure out costumes.

Then, on Friday night we found out that the trick or treating might be cancelled because the rain (what? who "cancels" Halloween? well, I guess Halloween gets cancelled for a hurricane, but not for rain!).

And it rained hard all day Saturday. Eric's baseball games got cancelled, and we were sure that trick or treating would be cancelled, as well. We were in sweats and sweatshirts lounging around the house all day (Eric even took a nap!). When he got up, I had him call his friend and we learned that we had less than an hour to figure out costumes, get everyone dressed, and get to the subway station where we were meeting them! After a mad dash (and fighting with Cade about a costume), we finally made it.

We had dinner on base and then went trick or treating in the Embassy housing area of the base. The kids came home with loads of candy. The other family that we went with appears to train for this event all year. Their kids didn't complain at all about walking in the pouring down rain for nearly three hours (up and down hills and lots of stairs).

By the time we reached home around 10 pm, we were all exhausted! But, the kids have a supply of candy that should last us for the next year (if I quit giving it away to all of my students)!
(The rain came out of nowhere, too. It was 70 degrees on Friday and hasn't gotten above 60 this week, but I can't remember the last time we saw rain apart from Saturday!)

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