Sunday, October 21, 2012

Week 42: Sad

Well, I can't say that we encountered much sadness this week, aside from my frustration with students and lack of communication which made grades a never-ending process this week. Otherwise, not a bad week!

Day 282: A new bakery opened up in our neighborhood--big excitement around here. This clown was outside for three days making balloons for kids! I like how Kennedy is taller than he is even though the clown was on stilts.

Day 283: Had kind of a bum day--the kids and I traveled the hour to watch Eric's second game on Saturday which got cancelled at the last minute. Kennedy was in such a bad mood that we ended up turning around and heading home to grade papers instead of going to the park. I guess if I'd been in a good enough mood to take a picture, it would have been a good example of sad for this week!

Day 284: Studying for my Sunday night class right now--Truth Project.

Day 285: Had an insane amount of work to do on Monday--starting a new unit, the Epic of Gilgamesh, finishing essays, and working on grades.

Day 286: Finished grading essays at the park in the sunshine while Cade played Tuesday morning. Can't believe it's 70 degrees at the end of October!

Day 287: Finally finished grades...again.

Day 288: Cade loves to watch the neighbors move. They open the windows or the doors and all of the stuff goes up on these trucks outside.

It will be another long week for us. We've got parent-teacher conferences for the next two days--nearly 12 hours of talking tomorrow. Pray for us!

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