Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Kennedy's Birthday Party

Kennedy is one blessed little girl. And I'm one blessed momma. First of all, her birthday fell on Chusok weekend this year. Which means we were able to have her party on Sunday afternoon and still have three days to recover afterward! Yay!

Secondly, I came up with this brilliant idea to have our neighbor girls come over and help with the party. And lastly, the girls were actually able and willing to come over and help!

So, we had a fashion show-themed party. The high school girls came over and painted nails, curled and braided hair, and applied makeup.

All of the girls had a great time! The older girls really enjoyed making the little girls beautiful and the little girls loved being pampered.

And, of course, after presents and cake, the girls reversed roles. So, the little girls got to paint the nails of the older girls, as well as apply their makeup.

Then we headed outside for the fashion show itself once the parents had arrived.

Here they are bowing at the end.

It was a great party! There are more pictures on the sidebar if you want to check out the rest!

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