Friday, October 5, 2012

Week 40: Sports

How ironic. This has to be the first week in at least a month that I have not really taken a picture of a sport. So, of course it would be the theme. (Can you tell that I just looked it up? Whoops!) I worked really hard to take pictures this week, too. To actually use my dslr that seems to have been collecting dust each week since I started teaching this year. I've been missing it. So, this past weekend it spent almost five days wrapped around my neck!

Day 270: Took Eric's cousin on an extensive tour of our neighborhood and surrounding areas and then we had pho for lunch. I was impressed with how much Cade ate and how well he did with real chopsticks!

Day 271: Headed to the south side of the city to see the river, take in a Doosan Bears game, and finished up with a walk through Gangnam. (Just so he could say he's been there!) Our one sports event of the week.

Day 272: Kennedy and her friends at her fashion show-themed birthday party.

Day 273: Kennedy's birthday! She got a lot of Legos for her birthday from Eric's family and spent a lot of time putting them together. Eric, Michael, and the kids went for a hike up to Seoul Tower and then we had kalbi for dinner. Yum!

Day 274: We went to check out all of the tourist attractions north of the tower: the Cheonggyecheon, Deoksugung Palace, Gwanghamun Square, and then headed back to the War Memorial. A lot of walking...a bit of boredom for the kids as you can see by the look on Kennedy's face.

Day 275: Michael headed back to the States and we settled down to get some work done and relax a little. And build some Legos.

Day 276: Life back to normal. Returned to school. Didn't take a picture.

It was a great week. Working only one out of 10 days (and having that one day be an exam day where the students are utterly silent all day!) makes for a pretty good week! Now, I just need to finish that grading and start some planning!

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  1. Happy birthday to Kennedy! Love the picture of the girls at the party, so sweet!

  2. Love the sports picture! So I guess you've done it Gangnam Style now? LOL couldn't resist.

  3. What a fun birthday party theme. Glad you had a good week with some time off to spend with family and tour a bit. Great week in photos.

  4. Oh how I love those party dresses!!! Happy Birthday to her!!!


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