Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Michael in Seoul

I really don't have time for blogging lately (obviously!), but Eric has been making me feel guilty for not posting pictures. I think I have some good shots from our staff retreat, but I haven't even had time to look at them yet. They might show up here at some point. Or they might sit on the computer forever.

Anyway, last weekend was our long Chusok break. (So you'd think I would be more caught up, right?!) Eric's cousin came to visit, so we were doing the tourist thing--or at least those things that were open.

We finally made it to a Doosan Bears baseball game--it is a different experience! Everybody has sticks that they call "boom sticks" and they do different cheers with them. Of course, we don't know any of the cheers, but we tried to follow along!

We spent one day doing the palace tours and checking out some of the big landmarks in the northern part of Seoul....

including Gwanghamun Square and the Cheonggyecheon.

I just posted the big photo ops of the weekend--people standing in front of big landmarks--what the week was really about, right?! If you want to see the rest, you can check out the album on the sidebar.

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