Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Kennedy's Zoo Field Trip

Kennedy's first field trip of the year was to the zoo. By now I think she's been on four, but I was only able to go on that first one. I have been working during all of the others.

Cade was very excited to get to come along, too. He was even more excited that he had a matching red polo so that he could look just like one of the class!

We had to do a little picture-taking scavenger hunt as we went around the zoo, so I ended up with a lot of pictures!

This was our little group...

Cade checking out the lions...

Kennedy leading the way, of course...

Checking out the map to see what else we could fit in before it was time to head to the bus.

Photo op in this funny bird-inspired tree house.

Hard to believe that now Kennedy has completed her first quarter of Kindergarten. She's gotten her first report card, and I had a conference with her teacher this week. She's doing great!

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