Thursday, February 7, 2013

Last Day in the Sun

On our last day in Dolphin Bay, we savored every last moment of relaxation.

We enjoyed our last leisurely breakfast of omelets, bacon, fruit, and whatever Thai dish was available.

We enjoyed sitting in the morning sunshine. Even with pink eye.

And we spent our afternoon lounging on the beach.

The kids worked hard on a sand castle with some of the kids they had met. This family's vacation lined up exactly with ours, so we saw a lot of them while we were there. They are international school teachers in Beijing.

The kids worked very hard on the details of their sandcastles.

For hours...

and hours...

and hours...

while we sat back and watched them. (another token picture of me. yes, I was there.)

I thought it was strange that Kennedy didn't want to put her swim suit on. She played in the sand in her dress.

And even though Cade was ready to go home, he still seemed to have lots of fun at the beach.

One last trip into the ocean...

And our trip was done.

Cade fell asleep before dinner again (actually it was after we ordered and before our food arrived), so we enjoyed our last meal in the comfort of our room, and then we got up dark and early (around 4:00) the next morning to head to the airport. I'm already looking forward to our next trip!

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