Sunday, February 3, 2013

Snow Day!

Well, I thought it was time for an interruption in our "regularly scheduled programming" (Thailand--I only have a couple of posts left!) and what better time to do that than an unexpected day off?!

It was finally starting to warm up around here. The snow that we'd had since early December finally disappeared in the last week, the ground was clear, the sun came up, and we had highs around 45 degrees!

We were sure it was almost spring! And so, Mother Nature thought she'd laugh in our faces by dumping six inches of snow on us!

So, today we ended up with an unexpected day off from school--which turned out to be timed perfectly since it is Super Bowl Monday here in Korea!

We snacked on granola while watching a depressing first half.

And then we headed out to play in the snow during the halftime show. It turns out it's really hard to try to watch someone sing and dance when live feed has a lot of lag time!

Of course, as it turned out, we timed our trip perfectly. We hadn't missed much with the power outage!

The snow was perfect for packing.

And the kids ended up with a very large snowman!

It has warmed up to 34 degrees this afternoon, so it's slowly starting to melt. It's supposed to be warmer tomorrow, but then there's a chance of snow again on Wednesday. It will be interesting to see how the week shapes up.

Cade has another fever this afternoon, so he's laying low and doing a lot of cuddling with Dad today. Poor guy.

My schedule is flipped this month because of the snow day, so I have lots of planning and due dates to change (but I love the fact that we don't have to make it up!). I'd better get to work!

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