Sunday, February 10, 2013

Thankful for today

This is that time of year. The time of year when it feels as if it has been winter forever. We have to look back at old pictures (not these pictures!) to remember that it warms up here, and Cade asks "Remember when it was so warm that we could wear shorts?" I know Cade. I totally understand.

this is an old picture...ajummas making kimchi on our street
 Last week it reached 50 degrees and after getting 6 inches of snow on Sunday and another inch on Tuesday, we've had two days where it has barely gotten above 10 degrees. Will spring ever arrive?!

the snow back in December
We've been really busy with school again, too. Kennedy is back into swimming and Seoul Seekers, so she has activities until 4:30 two days a week. This week, we had the school play, so I was at school until almost 9:00 the other night.

which one of these doesn't belong? I was so shocked to see a cat on the bus that I had to take a picture!
Eric is back to finishing his Master's homework some time in the middle of the night after the rest of us have gone to bed.

coffee date a couple of weeks on a random Sunday afternoon
And poor Cade probably feels like he hasn't left the house in a month, because it's so cold I won't take him anywhere that we don't absolutely have to go!

homemade (large) taquitos and crock pot refried beans
 But, at the same time, at this time of year I'm feeling grateful. It was a year ago that I started covering a maternity leave that never ended. It was a year ago that I was amping up to go to Indonesia (and while it was an awesome experience!) and realizing that was another week that I was going to spending with 7th graders that I needed a break from!

sharks at the aquarium on Kennedy's field trip
I don't even know how I prepared to start working full time. I haven't even figured out how I'm going to manage working every day (though still part time) next year, and I've already experienced it once.

made homemade taco bowls...we were hungry for Mexican after Thailand!
Even with my subbing experience, I had no idea how hard it was going to be to take over for someone else and to try to emulate her style and lessons. What a joke. It turned out that I couldn't even do it (so, I guess it's a good thing she didn't come back!)

streaming the Super Bowl on our snow day last week
This year, I am so thankful for my own classroom. For great students. Even my worst days here are better than my good days in public school in the States. Sure, my students have their issues, but it's nothing like what I've dealt with in the past.

our snowman...he was over 5 feet tall!
The other day, I sat back and watched as one of my classes worked on figuring out what they should name the website that they are creating. I had assigned one of the students the task of naming it, and he wanted to include the class in the decision. I loved watching them (politely) argue with one another about why one name was better than another. And I love the reason that they finally chose the name they did. While they were totally unaware of it, it was a great learning experience for them and left me with a high for the afternoon.

snow in the trees in our apartment complex this week
So, I just wanted to remind myself at this time of year that this time of year really isn't so bad. That I am blessed with a wonderful family and a job I love, and that spring will arrive this year, too.

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