Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Wrapping up Thailand

This is officially the last post of Thailand: all of the random shots from my phone. The good news is I have pictures from those first couple of weeks after we got back. The bad news is I don't if I've taken pictures with the DSLR since my dad left Seoul. 

I was impressed by the Christmas decorations in Incheon Airport. I don't know why I was surprised, though. That's just how things are done at Incheon. Our plane hadn't even left the gate before Cade had his sunglasses on. He was ready for sun!

When we booked our flights (in July!), we had a four hour layover in China. In the months between, our flight changed and we ended up with a nine hour layover. Then our flight was delayed by two hours! 

Needless to say, we were all pretty antsy and miserable. There was only one, fairly small terminal for the international departures. We weren't willing to do the whole immigration thing just so that we could find better restaurants, so we settled for the interesting food we could find.

It's pretty incredible to me how far we've come in our experience of traveling by air. Two years ago, our children had never been on an airplane. Eric and I had only flown twice in our entire marriage. Now, I cannot even count the number of flights we've had in the last year (mind-boggling!). We've learned a lot!

Dad frequented one of the restaurants on the beach that had live music. The night that I went, he even agreed to sing on stage! It was pretty funny!

I think one of Cade's favorite parts was breakfast in the morning. He got fresh fruit and bacon every single day, alongside a bowl of cereal, of course!

It was so relaxing that most days we spent an hour or two just relaxing, drinking coffee, and chatting at the breakfast table. In five more months, we're headed to Hawaii...can't wait to see a warm beach again!

The sunset over China was beautiful on our way home. When we arrived at Incheon and got our messages, we had one from our nanny telling us that she'd been unable to get into our apartment when she'd stopped a few days before. So, it was the middle of the night, we were lugging bags through subways and then up and down the streets of Seoul on the way home--and all the while, we weren't sure that we were going to be able to get into our house when we arrived! It was stressful, but thankfully we had no problems getting in when we finally did arrive.

And, since this post is all pictures of Cade, I will end with the fact that during this trip, Cade finally decided that he is fully potty trained. He shared a room with my brother, and he was inspired. He decided that he is now officially too big to wear pull ups to bed. I remember a year ago when Eric and I finally decided that that his kid needed to wear underwear. I thought he would never be fully potty trained! He has definitely had a few nighttime accidents, but I'm thankful that he took the decision out of my hands...I may have never let him lose the pull ups! We are officially free of diapers! Yay!

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