Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another story to tell...

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American friends and family!

Winter weather has officially arrived around here. The picture below is of the sky shortly after it stopped snowing and before it began snowing again last week. Strange weather.

Things have been busy around here, but Eric and I did manage to go on our first date in six months last weekend.

We picked up the babysitter and on a Friday night, what is normally a 10 minute drive, took 45 minutes. Not surprisingly, we didn't make it to the movie on time. My first Korean movie theater experience wasn't off to a good start.

Eric had bought the tickets online, but when we got to the theater, we needed to print the tickets. The machine was entirely in Korean, though. Eric couldn't figure it out, but I was able to watch the others around him and we were able to get our tickets.

Our next job was to find the theater and our seats. That was a challenge with tickets we couldn't read, though. Eventually, we were headed in the right direction, and we were able to find someone who could tell us where to find our seats. We ended up missing about the first ten minutes of the movie. Not too bad.

We saw Catching Fire, and I'll admit it. It was pretty good, and the time flew by. It was a good thing because we'd skipped dinner. We didn't have time to get any before we needed to be home, either. So, we picked up some popcorn and drinks for the drive home, having missed out on them after we arrived late.

Thankfully, the kids hadn't eaten all of the pizza for dinner, so we had cold pizza and beer at the kitchen table to finish our date, after I dropped the sitter off. We discussed the fact that it seems like every date that we've had here in Korea has been a story to tell. Oh, how our dates have changed over the years.

We are excited for an extra day off this weekend now that colds and flu have hit us. I'm not too excited about trying to cook a Thanksgiving dinner in our little kitchen tomorrow, but I'm optimistic that there will at least be food to eat at the end of the day. We hope you have a great Thanksgiving!

Pictures from my phone from the last couple of weeks. Here's the recap:
Cocoa date with Cade :: Fall trees after the snow
Championship baseball game in the cold x3
Pride & Prejudice performance at school
Cade playing in the closet while I got dressed for school
Snow at school :: Christmas lights are up!
(I apologize if this seems disjointed--I took my Nyquil, so that I can actually get some sleep tonight. Now I need to go to bed!)

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