Wednesday, May 14, 2014


I was determined to do everything "right" with this pregnancy. I was going to work out, eat my daily fruits and vegetables, watch my calorie intake, and count how many ounces of water I drank. Guess how long that lasted? Yup. About three days. Okay, maybe a week.

After about the first week, around the 6 week mark, I started feeling sick. Really sick. Running to the bathroom every twenty minutes sick. I was throwing up at least once a day. I couldn't stand the taste of water. In fact, all food was abhorrent to me, yet I had to eat every 30 minutes to prevent myself from feeling even worse. Not surprisingly, it wasn't long before I outgrew all of my pants.

With Kennedy, I distinctly remember throwing up once. There may have been one other time. With Cade, I distinctly remember throwing up once. There may have been one other time. With this kid, I was throwing up once every day. I stopped keeping count. I didn't care what I ate, as long as there was protein and carbohydrate to keep me going for a bit. I only drank water if it was mixed with a steep ratio of cranberry juice. So much for doing everything right!

Thankfully, around 10 weeks, I got a miracle drug in the mail from Vitamin B6. My life turned around within a few days. I stopped gagging, I stopped throwing up, and for the most part, I was able to eat like a normal human being. Still every couple of hours, but that was a huge improvement over every couple of minutes. Eric brought back maternity pants from Singapore after his spring break trip, and I was ready for them (embarrassed to be, but ready nonetheless).

I was still exhausted--coming home after school to take a quick nap before soccer practice--but at least I was feeling better! The second trimester, however, has turned things around. My body is certainly not normal, but I'm back to fully functioning--eating like a regular human being. Only napping once a week instead of every day. Cooking when I'm not buried in grading. And I'm even starting to feel this little jellybean wiggling around in there. With any luck, we'll find out this week whether Jellybean is a boy or a girl!


  1. You look great! I'm excited for you!

  2. Thanks! I am completely detached from the fact that this is me in these pictures--I think that's the only way I can keep taking them! ;)


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