Saturday, May 31, 2014

Easter happened (a couple of months ago)

This past week has been even crazier than normal. Very real deadlines. Lots of grading. Finals. All of the big end of the year stuff. So, blogging isn't really happening right now, but I did have these pictures edited and uploaded from two weeks ago when my grading was a little more manageable. And since I still have a lot of pictures to post before we take off for the summer, I figured I'd better keep going, but this one will be a little lighter on the commentary.

Remember how I said that I'd missed some things? Easter was one of those things. And since the family that we spent Easter with was one of those that is leaving this year, I didn't think it was right to overlook it.

They were kind of last minute plans, but that was okay with us.

They have two teenage daughters and a pre-teen son, and the mom had been offering to take our kids for a few hours for months now. So, they took the kids right after church, giving Eric and I a spontaneous afternoon on our own. Our first date in months. I don't remember the last one that we'd had.

Then we met them at their house for an early dinner (complete with ham--shocking!) with several of the singles from our neighborhood.

After dinner, their kids were really excited to set up an Easter egg hunt outside for Cade and Kennedy. They were thrilled!

The hunt was complete with plastic Easter eggs filled with jelly beans. (Sometimes I really wonder how people pull off this stuff!) But now, we've inherited some Easter eggs, so that should make next year much more fun!

After dinner, we stopped by the park that was on our way home from their house to take the pictures for the baby announcement. That was pretty entertaining, by the way. We should have had someone take a video of me running up and down the hill and through the flowers between the camera on the tripod and where we were standing to take the pictures.

Just 2 1/2 more days of school to get everything taken care of and wrapped up. We can't wait until it's all over! Just 16 days until we leave for summer in the States! 

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