Monday, November 9, 2015

Lindy's Trip

Oh, hey. Before all of this birthday hoopla, Eric's mom came to visit. In my typical blogger style, I got all wrapped up in current events and meanwhile, these pictures have just been sitting here. Waiting for things to settle down, I guess. And things have finally settled down! Hallelujah! (Truth be told, though, I should definitely be working on cleaning the house rather than blogging right now, since we're having a friend over for dinner. Oh well. The house will still be dirty when I'm done.)

Lindy has come four out of the five years that we've been in Korea, so we're getting to the point where we don't really have anything new to show her. This year, it was more of a "we'll do life as we normally would, and you can tag along" type of trip. With the added benefit of ordering dinner in a couple of times.

This year, she came for Chuseok, which is definitely one of the nicest times of the year, as far as the weather goes! (Although we can't complain much at this point, either. We've had a few days down into the 30s, but for the most part it's been 50s or 60s, and I'm perfectly content with that well into November!) Since the weather was so nice, we took advantage of it and spent plenty of time outside.

We packed a lunch and the kids and I took her to one of our favorite parks for a few hours between Reece's naps on her first day while Eric was at school. On Saturday, Eric had a baseball game, and he was excited for his mom to see him play. Since this is the last season that he is playing, he asked me to take some pictures. I tried to tell him that he needs to buy me a new lens to get good pictures of him on the field, but he didn't go for it!

On Sunday, after church, lunch, and naps, we went on a short bike ride down to the nearest park. It was the introductory ride for Lindy--a little less than five miles round trip--to prepare her for the longer trip we had planned for Tuesday.

Monday was our big day. Typically, Chuseok is a popular time for foreigners to go to Everland, but the last time we went was our first year here, and Kennedy was starting to feel left out. Eric goes every spring with the middle school, and Cade has gotten to go every year, but Kennedy hasn't gone since the first year. So, we decided this was the year to do it.

That first year, we went on the actual holiday, so it was empty when we got there. It was really pretty great until the afternoon when it started to get busy. This year, the actual holiday was Saturday (I think?), and we couldn't make it work. By the time we got there, maybe 10 minutes after it opened, we already had to park so far away that they shuttled us to the entrance. Yikes.

Needless to say, the crowds were pretty horrific. We didn't realize right away that they finally have the Disney equivalent of "fast passes," so we were only able to get one and the rest were already done for the day. In spite of the heat, the long lines, and the so-so food, we all had some fun and certainly made some memories!

We were served the world's worst potato chips. Seriously terrible. We walked more than 20,000 steps. Eric and I walked around the entire amusement park trying to find something that we would all be happy to eat for lunch (and trying to put Reece to sleep) all while Lindy and the kids did one ride.

We went on a ride that I had told Lindy you don't get wet on, and she got completely drenched while I didn't get a drop. We stood in line forever to take the little train around the gardens. I think the kids' favorite part was taking off their shoes and socks and playing in the splash pad while the adults took a break and just sat.

Thankfully, this trip did not have the drama of the last one she had here. The drive in both directions, in spite of it being a holiday weekend, was pretty reasonable, and we were so grateful! We did check out the school van for the weekend, though, so that we could all fit in one vehicle. So, our rides were more comfortable, but that thing is a beast to park in little tiny Korean parking spaces!

And now, I must get something done before Reece wakes up from his nap and the kids get off the bus! We're so excited to back to the status quo this week--just Awana, swimming, a friend for dinner, Zumba, photoshoots, Bible studies, date night, and baseball. Should be a good week! 

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