Tuesday, November 3, 2015

The Cake Smash

Okay. I'm really going to try to get back to this blog regularly again. Really, I am. But, you know what's more fun than editing pictures? Reading about editing pictures. I know. It's lame. But, I joined this forum on photography and editing in September in hopes that I would learn some new things, practice more, improve my skills. So far, I think I've just wasted a lot of time reading, afraid that I won't actually improve. Anyway, I'm really going to start making more of an effort to actually produce something!

In a pointed effort to do so, I did put an effort into doing the now-popular "cake smash." What's a cake smash, you ask? Oh, it's a special photo session where the sole purpose is to actually get good pictures of a one year old eating his/her cake. In other words, no more of those terrible pictures that Aunt Sally takes at the first birthday party that are taken under incandescent bulbs in the middle of your chaotic kitchen surrounded by 50 of your closest relatives. Now, people pay hundreds of dollars for a special "cake smash" photo session.

Needless to say, we would never pay for such a thing. (Especially given the fact that we have never paid to have a professional take our pictures. Ever.) However, it sounded like a fun thing to do and a good way for me to stretch my skills and get in a few extra pictures. I'd been thinking about doing this for months, but then when the time came, I backed out. I decided it was unnecessary and a lot of extra work.

But, when I baked Reece's cake more than a week before his party (using this lovely sugar free recipe made from bananas and applesauce), it turned out that I could cut out four four-inch circles for his cake for the party and still have enough leftover to cut three three-inch circles for a smash cake. So, why not? I made the frosting out of cream cheese and apple juice, so I wasn't feeling guilty about double the cake for him, and if the cake wasn't going to be too much work, then I figured I might as well take the pictures!

The worst part of the whole thing was hanging the "backdrop" which was clearly a wrinkled sheet. My original plan didn't work, so we had to move a bookcase into the good light to drape the sheet from. And, of course, he didn't nap that afternoon, so he was not in the best of moods.

Nonetheless, with the help of Eric and Kennedy, I got everything all situated and we took some fun pictures of Reece getting into his cake. He didn't love the frosting, but he did love the cake! (I even added some powdered sugar to it for his party, and he still didn't love the frosting.) 

And, of course, now I'm so glad I did....any chance to get some cute pictures of this kid, right?

After the cake smash, we took off and did our annual fall photos in the leaves. We did them a bit earlier in the year than ideal for the fall colors, but I wanted to make sure they were taken again this year, so I just decided to make it work. That means I have plenty more pictures to edit right now!

Reece's party on Sunday turned out great! We had so many good friends come to celebrate our little man, and we were so grateful that in spite of how busy everyone is right now that they were able to take a little time to celebrate with us!

On Monday morning, Eric took off to Jeju for his Week Without Walls trip, so at this point, it's just me and the kids. Evenings are pretty stressful with the limited amount of time we have to complete homework and chores, eat dinner, and get everyone ready for bed, but we're powering through. At least there's no pressure for dinner...cereal anyone? (Just kidding, but seriously...quesadillas, mac'n'cheese, soup...we're eating like kings over here!) And now, I'm going to try to edit a few more pictures before Reece wakes up and it's time to pick up the kids...

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