Tuesday, December 1, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

We had the best Thanksgiving weekend! While our actual Thanksgiving Day was a little hectic with school, meal prep, and editing, our three day weekend was pretty relaxing.

We spent Friday morning on FaceTime with Eric's family while I finished putting together the stuffing and cranberries for our Thanksgiving lunch with our good friends. This year, there were only four families, and the adults were significantly outnumbered by the kids in this group.

It was a little crazy with all of those kids, but each year it's gotten a little easier, as the kids have aged. Seven boys and five girls--Kennedy is the oldest at 9, and the youngest is 5 months. They were able to be quieted and entertained for a movie for a significant amount of time, allowing us to eat and relax for awhile.

Of course, it's always nice to go to a friend's house knowing that your kids can't really do any more damage than their own kids have. It's also nice knowing that more than likely, our kids won't be the craziest ones there. That makes it a little easier to relax!

Reece, of course, was happy to hang out with us...and spent most of that time eating in the high chair. He's pretty low maintenance, as long as there's plenty of food around!

On Saturday, we had Thanksgiving with another group. That one wasn't quite as relaxing, as we were the only ones bringing kids, and it was our typical "aunt and uncle" group. The kids were pretty much on their own to entertain themselves, though they were provided with Thanksgiving coloring pages, which Kennedy loved. It wasn't quite the hang-out-relax-and-play-games Thanksgiving that we'd had the day before, but that's okay.

Did I mention that it snowed, too?? Not enough to stick, but we had enough to watch hours of flurries. Perfect for drinking hot chocolate and putting together a puzzle while listening to Christmas music!

The kids had been planning to put the tree up after dinner on Friday for weeks. They even got the tree and ornaments out of storage by themselves on Thursday afternoon. Since we didn't get home until about 5:30 on Friday, it was a good thing it doesn't take long to put the whole thing together.

Unfortunately, every year our tree seems to get a little more pathetic. The chintzy ornaments I bought our first year here have been breaking every year, and since we haven't kept up the annual ornament tradition while living here, we seem to have fewer ornaments every year. It's a good thing the kids keep making felt and paper ones at school!

Yesterday, I finally finished wrapping up everything for my photoshoots over the past couple of weeks, much to my relief. While it was a lot of fun, it's nice to be done with deadlines for now!

These are the shots that I mentioned from the scouting trip I took the kids on. The light was great both of the afternoons I took them out, and Kennedy was feeling especially cooperative. Maybe we should try to get her into some modeling here; she seems to enjoy it and her college savings account certainly could benefit!

Because, you know. We really need to add another thing to our lives right now. Ha.

This week we literally have plans every afternoon/evening. The kids' Christmas programs are this week, so that's keeping us busy, but of course, it's a fun busy. Reece doesn't really love that they don't start until past his bedtime, but so far he's managing.

Last night was Kennedy's program, and even though she doesn't have our very favorite music teacher, it was still a great show. Kennedy stepped out of her comfort zone and did one of the non-speaking acting parts, so she dressed up as an angel for the last two songs. This girl really likes to stay in the background (not that you can tell from these pictures!), so we were proud of her for stepping up.

Thursday is Cade's concert, and after learning nearly all of his songs ourselves, we're excited to finally see the performance! They've been working on this since September!

Well, this post is a bit picture-heavy, but at least it's pictures of my own family this time! Next time, you probably won't be so lucky, as the only pictures I have edited right now are of other families!

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