Thursday, April 21, 2016

366 Project: Week Sixteen

The crazy train has arrived, people. I was just glancing through the calendar and realized that we have plans every weekend until we leave. I suppose that shouldn't surprise me...this isn't my first rodeo. (Don't tell my students about all the cliches, okay?) That's just how life is this time of year, and I'm sure that it isn't unique to us. It's just kind of surprising how quickly it sneaks up on me. One minute, we're filling in the calendar with dinners with friends, and the next minute we're booked six weeks out, and we still have plenty of things to fill in. Whoops.

106/366: Friday was a professional development day, so the kids were home. They had been talking about having a picnic with our friends/neighbors for months, and they were finally able to pull it off. It was a perfect day for it, too!

107/366: Saturday was the senior game for soccer, the final sports season. I started coaching these girls in the fall of our first year; it's bittersweet seeing them as seniors!

108/366: The third grade held a market day on Monday, so Kennedy and I spent Sunday afternoon making popcorn and packaging it in cute little bags to sell to her friends with their "3D bucks," We made pumpkin spice and buttered, and they were delicious! It was a fun little activity with my girl!

109/366: The benefits of what a friend calls "eating down" (when you stop buying groceries and instead come up with crazy meals to finish everything left in the fridge and cupboards), are making things like cookies. We had a last 1/2 cup of shortening and an unopened bag of Hershey Kisses, so Peanut Blossoms were the obvious choice!

110/366: This kid continues to floor me. I was blown away by him as he read his book to me on Tuesday. First, he explained how he was able to identify the main character because he changes, and then he pointed out the repeated phrase in the book and how it was used in different contexts. Lest you forget that he's a #firstgrade boy, he chose to read to me from the top of the dryer, of course.

111/366: Lilacs are in bloom, and I couldn't pass up a chance to take pictures of another flower!

112/366: We'll call this #wheninTexas. A friend from church heard we are moving to Texas, so he brought this bolo tie for Cade. The best part is that he wore it to school on Monday (all day!) with his school polo. That kid.

Four out of seven taken with the big camera--it's been a while since I've managed that! Nonetheless, I still haven't edited anything on the computer...I'm really going to have some catching up to do to get the collage done. But now, it's time to rest before we head into a busy weekend!

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