Monday, April 18, 2016

Then We Came Back from Guam

Our second full day in Guam was a little more slow to start (not because the kids slept in or anything!) because the weather was good, so the kids were pretty content to hang out at the pool as long as we would let them!

(I had to document how funny our room setup was...Both rooms had two beds that were bigger than twins but not as big as full. They were great for the kids, but Eric felt the need to push ours together. The crib that finally showed up for our last night was to the right, basically at the foot of our bed, and it wasn't a pack'n'play, but a full size crib. Bigger than the one we have here in Korea! I took pictures of Reece's previous makeshift bed, too, but I must not have edited them...)

After we all spent several hours in the pool, it was time to head back to the room for lunch and Reece's nap.

And, then the kids and I headed back to the pool. Because we were in Guam. It's what you do. It's what you should do.

After we came back, then Eric headed back out with the kids because Reece was still asleep. Probably not the smartest thing in terms of sun exposure, but what can you do? We were in Guam.

After Reece woke up, we got cleaned up, picked up some snacks, and then hit the road, heading north this time.

We first made a stop in Tumon to find the Guam Coffee Company that I had seen our first night when we were looking for somewhere to eat dinner. I had originally wanted another Starbucks mug to add to my collection, but when I tried looking up directions, I found there are no Starbucks on Guam. They're afraid that they would shut down the little coffee shops, so I was on the lookout for a little coffee shop. It turned out that it really was little, and there is only one location of Guam Coffee Company. After driving both directions down the road, I was ready to give up and move on, when Cade spotted it for me. I was so proud of him! My new mug doesn't exactly fit in with my existing collection, but it does have a story to tell!

We drove up to Two Lover's Point to see what could be seen. It's a big tourist spot with a kind of "Romeo and Juliet" love story, a legend of the Chamorro people, natives of Guam. It was very popular with the Koreans!

There were even walls of locks that reminded us of Seoul Tower; we felt right at home!

Eric really wanted everyone to stand and pose for the camera...

And it worked out so well! haha!

After Two Lover's Point, we headed for dinner at the restaurant that we looked for the first night but were unable to. We had driven right by it a couple of times. Whoops.

Meskla Dos is a Chamorro fusion restaurant that has big, unique burgers, as well as some of the more traditional Chamorro foods. So, Eric, of course had a burger. The french toast slammer. A hamburger patty between two giant slices of french toast and topped with a fried egg. Served with a side of maple syrup and garlic aioli. Of course.

I had the tasakos (Chamorro barbecued pork) served with red rice and finadene dinanche (a spicy sauce to eat with the pork) and cole slaw. 

After dinner, we were headed to the Chamorro Village market, which happens every Wednesday night, but only Wednesdays, so it was kind of a given that we would have to go.

On the way, we were able to catch the sunset over Agana Bay as we drove from Tumon to Hagatna. It was pretty incredible, and I'm so glad we stopped!

It would not have been the same from the road, though we did continue to enjoy the various colors in the sky for the remainder of the drive. We needed to get back on the road, if we wanted to be able to spend any time at the market before Reece hit his wall, though I think the kids would have been content to play in the ocean for as long as we let them.

The market (and parking lot) was already packed by the time we got there, and it was a little tricky to maneuver around with the stroller. I'd read that would be the case, but it was just too hot, and he was too heavy to put him in the Ergo, so we made the stroller work.

Most people were eating there, but we were stuffed (and while all of the food looked good, I was glad we'd done what we had--standing and eating is just not worth the battle with the kids!), so we settled for fresh fruit smoothies to keep us cool. They were delicious!

The kids got to pick up their souvenirs made by local artisans (a rubberband gun for Cade, of course, and little bags for Kennedy because that girl likes her bags!), and that was by far, our biggest interaction with local people as the market is full of locals and tourists alike. I did feel like the biggest downside to our renting a car was the lack of interaction with the locals. When you ride public transportation, you're surrounded by all kinds of people, you hear the local language, and you hear how everything is pronounced, but we left without having had much of that. (I will say we saw very few white people--maybe 2 or 3 families? There were a lot of locals at the Inarajan Pools and at the Chamorro village, but aside from that it seemed we only saw Japanese or Koreans at our resort and at Two Lover's Point.)

Our last day was spent packing up, swimming in the pool, taking some pictures, and getting to the airport. We accidentally got lost (not really, but we drove way out of our way and ended up with little extra time), and ended up having to eat at Jack in the Box before returning the rental car. Lucky for Eric, returning the car and getting the shuttle to the airport were quick because after we checked in for our flight, but before we checked our baggage (must be a Guam thing), he discovered that he didn't have his phone. After more than an hour of him running all over the airport and trying to make phone calls (while I sat with a very, very cranky baby!), he finally returned to us with phone in hand (it had slipped out of his pocket in the rental car and was underneath the seat!), and we were still able to get on our flight in time. It was pretty stressful there for awhile, but all is well that ends well!

By the way, the flight itself was okay. We ended up bribing the big kids to sit together in front of us with half a Snickers bar, so Eric and Reece and I had three seats. Reece was really sick and miserable by this point, which actually made things a little easier, I think, because he had no desire to get down and run up and down the plane aisles. He still wasn't really eating anything, so after an hour of just being tired and miserable, we gave him his milk, strapped him in the Ergo, and he slept for the duration. The only problem was how stinking heavy he's gotten, and the fact that the Immigration line was well over an hour long! The hardest part was definitely after our plane hit the ground, but all in all it was a really great trip, and I'm incredibly grateful that we got to go on one last trip!

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  1. Boy, that picture of the kids at the beach is amazing! The way you framed that looks really professional! :)


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