Sunday, April 10, 2016

Cade's Birthday

This poor kid. His birthday always seems to be the one that gets overlooked on the blog. I did okay last year, but probably only because I still felt so guilty about the previous year. Remember when I didn't blog about his birthday until May? Is that why moms blog? So we can have one more thing to feel guilty about when we don't do it quite right? No, I don't think so.

The fact of the matter is that life has been busy, and well, pictures of a crazy party with crazy kids and crazy lighting just aren't that much fun to edit. So, they've just kind of been sitting there while I've been making it a priority to keep up with the 365 project. I really would have preferred to just edit those Guam pictures, too. The light is nice in those!

And, of course, this little blog that I began years ago as a way to communicate with everyone back home about what our lives are like here, has really turned into more of an online journal/record book for the kids. Since this was the last birthday party we'll throw here in Seoul (hallelujah!), and since it was full of the kids friends from this season in their lives, I really wanted to make sure that there was (photo) documentation of it.

So, there were a few little hindrances with this party. The first one being that Eric and I struggled to find the time to actually nail down a date for it. It ended up being scheduled a little farther from his actual birthday than we would have liked, but such is life.

The best part was that the kids had come up with all of the ideas and the "theme" for the party months before, though I was not privy to details. I had thought it was supposed to be a Nerf war party, but later found out (after the party had actually started!) that it really wasn't Nerf at all, but more of just a war theme in general. It's probably best I didn't have that detail. And I'll just admit that we kind of bare-bonesed it. (I just made that word up. It means we got away with the bare minimum. I'm not up for buying stuff in this season of clearing out!) Thankfully, none of the adults stuck around to see how ghetto we were!

They began with an epic game of the card game War, followed by some target practice with the Nerf guns that were provided as party favors (see why I thought it was Nerf themed? that was my job--find Nerf guns!).

After pizza for lunch, the kids created their own "bombers" (paper airplanes). Eric had a couple of ideas for competitions with the planes, but it ended up raining throughout the entire party, thwarting many of our plans.

 So instead they did some decorating of said bombers...

And after blowing out the candles and having cupcakes...

we were left with that hour that was supposed to be spent outside.

And so, we got out the Legos. Because what else does one do when you have a house full of kids that have been running around screaming and shooting one another with Nerf guns and you discover you still have one more hour? I believe there was some sort of competition that began with castles and moats and walls to keep out the enemies, but it ended up being a bunch of kids with a bunch of Legos who were quiet and perfectly content to build whatever they wanted.

And once everyone was gone and the house was somewhat cleaned up, it was time to head to the store to get more wine. Somehow, I'd forgotten to pick that up in my "7-year-old birthday party planning" mode, but I won't make that mistake again! #makingmemories

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