Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 26: School's Out

Boy, I'll say! School's been out for more than three weeks for us at the time these shots were taken. We had flown to Seattle, Dayton, and back again by now!

Day 173: Dirty cousins in the bath after playing in the yard all afternoon!

Day 174: We were housesitting-thankfully spending 8 nights in a row in the same house-and we needed to take the dog for a walk. We went to a nearby trail with the cousins.

Day 175: We headed down to the state capitol boardwalk after going to a family anniversary party. The weather was beautiful for a few hours!

Day 176: The great farmhouse we were staying in was complete with tire swing, chickens, and fresh strawberries!

Day 177: Headed to the beach to hang out with friends for the afternoon. It was cold, but the kids still had a great time!

Day 178: Went down to Seattle to watch a Mariners game and then headed to Gasworks Park on the waterfront afterwards. A great afternoon for it!

Day 179: Made the rounds visiting friends and went to our storage unit to get out some things. We were unsuccessful getting out much of what we were looking for. The kids were not thrilled.

I like the shot of Cade on the tire swing this week. To me, that epitomizes summer time, being out of school, and freedom!

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