Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 29: Movie Party

Hmm. Do you think I could actually get a post done on time? Nah. I didn't think so, either. I had actually written most of this post earlier, but something else came up, so here it is in a long line of my p52 posts!

Day 193: Our last day in Sun Valley. The weather wasn't as warm, but we had promised the kids ice cream, so we went for it anyway.

Day 194: We arrived in western Washington about 5am after driving through the night. So, we took a nap and got up in time to take a shower and head to the family picnic.

Day 195: Spent the day with Eric's other side of the family seeing all of the cousins which was a nice surprise since we usually see them once a year for Thanksgiving.

Day 196: Kennedy finally had her first haircut by a professional. She'd been growing her hair for the last year, but it was time for a trim, so we went for about 6 inches!

Day 197: Arrived in Boston late Tuesday night. The Boston subway is very different from the Seoul subway!

Day 198: South Side Church in Boston--such beautiful architecture there!

Day 199: We walked the Freedom Trail to the North End in Boston for a was delicious!

It was another long week for us! I went from Sun Valley, Idaho to the Seattle area by car and then flew to Boston, Massachusetts for a conference for three days. My favorite picture of this week is the shot of the Italian restaurant in "Little Italy" in Boston. In fact, I think it looks like it could be the location of a movie! Though I also love the shot of Kennedy on the swing!

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