Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 30: Sunshine

I can't believe I'm already 30 weeks into this project--only 22 weeks left. That still sounds like a lot. I have a lot to do this fall for school, so I think I'll be glad when I'm done with this little side project!

Day 200: I flew back to Seattle after my conference ended on Friday afternoon. The hotel had been storing my luggage for me, so I gave the concierge my luggage tag and he never came back with my bag. I took this shot of the shoe shine as I looked for my own bag in their storage rooms.

Day 201: Uncle Brent made a fire and the kids roasted hot dogs and made s'mores. A great summer night!

Day 202: My aunt hosted a great BBQ for us as our final farewell with my family. The kids had a great time playing with their cousins--here they are cuddling with a cousin and great grandma.

Day 203: We ran errands with the cousins today and went to the park between cast changes.

Day 204: Whoops! Forgot to take a picture, so I took one of the nightlight in the bathroom before I went to bed. We spent the day running errands, packing, and weighing suitcases while the kids played with their cousins at Jetty Island.

Day 205: Headed back to Korea--Kennedy watched our plane pull in.

Day 206: About 14 hours of travel under our belt at this point. Four more hours to go. Eric and Cade took a nap at the Tokyo airport.

I think my favorite shot of this week is the one of the kids and my grandma on the couch. It's not in the sunshine, but you can see it in the smiles on their faces! Looking back at the smiles on their faces as they spent time with family makes the long travel days and the jet lag worth it!

What a great summer we have had! This is the last day before I have to focus on school, so I wanted to get caught up on these posts before I change my focus. I've got lots to do in the next couple of weeks before school starts! But yes, I have many, many photos to edit and post, too!

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