Thursday, July 26, 2012

Week 27: KaBoom

Your fast forward preview of our summer continues as I try to catch up on my weekly posts!
Day 180: We took the kids to a nearby indoor play center that they had been asking to go to. Kennedy is in the tiger's mouth.

Day 181: We helped Lidi move into her new house and the kids were excited to use her new big bathtub for the first time.

Day 182: On only her second day in her new house, she bought a new tv!

Day 183: We went to have dinner with Eric's aunts and uncles. Aunt Suzie had cupcakes for the kids to decorate for their dessert. They were in heaven!

Day 184: Went to visit aunt and uncle on the other side and spent a nice afternoon playing golf, baseball, and croquet in the back yard.

Day 185: We attempted to go hiking on Mt. Rainier on the Fourth of July, but we ran into a lot of snow that we weren't prepared for. We ended up just having lunch and playing in the snow!

Day 186: The kids really enjoyed looking at pictures of Daddy and Uncle Evan growing up every evening while staying at grandma's house.

We ended up skipping out on fireworks this year, so I can't say that I have a picture that reflects the theme, but I do like the shot of  Eric's family that I got on Mt. Rainier on the Fourth.

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