Sunday, March 17, 2013

Aston House Dinner

Our staff dinner, hosted by the parents of one of my students, was a few weeks ago. Last year, I took a lot of pictures and documented the evening well, but this year I was a bit lazy...

That morning we got more snow, but thankfully, it was gone by the evening. It's finally warming up! Eric had a stressful afternoon before the dinner. This year, they planned it on a Friday night, which is always tough! Eric wanted to get home to see Cade for minute or two, so he planned to bring Kennedy home after swim lessons at 4:30.

Then, he had to change and get back to school by 5:00 to catch the bus. The taxi they got into when leaving school got into an accident, which stalled them (everyone was fine), and then he had to catch another taxi back to school after dropping Kennedy off. On top of all that, he left the last of his cash with the babysitter to buy dinner, so I had to meet him outside so that I could pay the cab driver. Yikes! It's a miracle we made it at all!

This year, they also had caricatures and a photo booth in addition to karaoke. We were still in line for our caricature when it was time to go, though, so we missed out on that!

Eric's friend, Bennett, was elected to sing, so he decided Eric should be tortured, as well. They opted for the theme to Ghostbusters. It was entertaining, to say the least!

They had some great props for the photo booth that these guys totally rocked!

They took a picture of us and printed it, so I didn't bother to have a picture of us taken with my camera...sorry! This is the best you get!

Of course, they had the ice mold again this year.

And they sent us home with another delicious cake! No Christmas tree to take the picture in front of this year, though...

So, this, this, this, and this are the reasons why I have not been blogging much lately. My students finally finished the websites that they have spent the last quarter working on--which means I have a lot of grading to do before grades are due. Please check them out, but keep in mind my students are still learning a lot about the revision process! 

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