Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Kennedy's Win!

So, today Kennedy came home with a major score! (And Eric laid a major guilt trip for no blog posts, which is why you're hearing about it already.)

One of the perks of going to such a nice international school, is the amazing PTO. Sometimes, as a staff member and parent, I feel a little awkward about the PTO--I'm sure some of you can understand. Like today, when I got the email asking me if I wanted to make a salad for the Teacher Appreciation luncheon...well, no, I wouldn't, but I would like to enjoy the luncheon! And last week, when I got the email asking if I would like to donate something to the silent auction at the International Bazaar coming up...well, that would be strange...what would I donate? Certainly not an expensive camera!

Anyway, this past month the elementary school has been doing a read-a-thon, sponsored by the PTO. When I read the list of prizes, I laughed out loud! They were ridiculously expensive for rewards for elementary students...the kinds of things that would never be given away in a public school in Stanwood. Today, in walked my Kindergartener with a new camera. A brand new Samsung Galaxy 4G LTE camera (worth over $500). This thing is ridiculous! It's practically a phone (if you put in a SIM card), it works via wi-fi to upload your photos to Instagram right from the camera! It has a touch screen and the girl could Skype from it if she wanted to! Sheesh!

She was beyond thrilled, and she had been complaining for months about the Disney camera that we gave her a couple of years ago. It takes about 2mp, little tiny pictures, and the camera deletes the photos randomly, so she never got to keep her pictures...that certainly won't be a problem any more! She's going to be a better photographer than her mom pretty soon (because yes, it does have manual programs...she can shoot in manual, aperture priority, or shutter priority when she's ready to learn them)! Not that it will be too hard, considering one of these pictures has a faucet that looks like it's about to dump water on my son's head...and the other one doesn't. Interesting, huh?

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