Sunday, March 10, 2013

Gwanghamun Square

Life around here has been crazy, as always! The kids are finally healthy--a week of sickness always feels like way too long! My cold is on the mend, I am confident. Kennedy was able to go back to school last Thursday and Friday, which was good because she had a lot of plans on Friday! I have spent the weekend trying to get through grading 5 page exams (with little success, so I must finish today!). We had 70 degree weather on Saturday with really poor air quality--we couldn't leave the house until around 3:00 in the afternoon, when it was (according to the air quality control website) a bit safter. We were quite shocked to find that it really did feel warm outside. But, it was back down to low 40s on Sunday--so depressing.

I was relieved to find that I had already written this post, so here you go...the last of my dad in Seoul.

After, we finished at the museum, Eric headed to school to get some work done, and dad and the kids and I headed to Gwanghamun Square. We stopped and picked up some street foods along the way.

Gwanghamun Square is on the way to the Cheonggyecheon, so we stopped there and showed Dad the all-important statue of King Sejong that I have already taken a million pictures of. We did head down into the museum to read all about King Sejong (or to warm up for a few minutes). After taking a few goofy pictures of my kids, we headed to the stream.

The stream was frozen in many places--something we had never seen before because we never head out there when it's this cold!

The kids were willing to have their pictures taken once again. They even posed for the Korean paparazzi that followed stood behind me while I took their picture.

The next day was Sunday, and Dad and I headed to Insadong while the rest of the family went to church. Insadong is a particularly tourist-y area. A street full of Korean pottery (celadon), tea shops, and Korean restaurants. It has just about any souvenir you could ever want from Korea.

My dad was on the look out for loose leaf tea, but he wasn't willing to spend thirty dollars on a small container of tea, especially when he didn't know whether or not he would like it. The two teas we tried, you can buy in jars in the grocery store; they are cheap but definitely not loose leaf!

On Monday, we left Dad and Cade at home to go to school. He kept Eric's phone so that he could navigate the subway and buses and call us if he got lost, but they didn't make it past the neighborhood grocery store. I guess he wasn't feeling too adventurous in the cold by this point in his Asian experience! We went out for Korean BBQ when we got home from school at our favorite neighborhood place, and Dad enjoyed the challenge of getting all of his banchan into a lettuce leaf and then in his mouth before it all falls out!

Tuesday I had the day off, though. We let Kennedy have the day off from school since it was Grandpa's last day in Korea, and we headed to the aquarium at the 63 Building. They advertise this one as "Sea World", but it is a very far cry from any Sea World that I've ever been to. Even on a Tuesday, it was packed. The shows were kind of lame, and it really wasn't very big.

It was fun, though. The kids enjoyed watching the seal show. Kennedy enjoyed watching the girls dance with the fish--the weirdest part, in my opinion. I hadn't ever been to the Coex Aquarium at this point, but now that I've been to both, I know that Coex is much better!

That night we had Korean fried chicken from Mom's Touch--our favorite. They've got good chicken (that actually has meat in it), great spicy sauce, and really good fries, too. We rarely eat there because you have to taxi to the place, but it definitely has the best chicken and fries!

The next day Dad was off to the airport. Eric and I both had to work, so he was on his own. To add to his excitement, our nanny misunderstood my text messages and showed up two hours later than I had asked. Then, Kennedy forgot her backpack (with her lunch in it, of course), and she begged us to have Grandpa bring it to school. So, he got to find his way to school on his way to the airport. We were so excited to have him here for that week to show him our lives in Seoul!

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