Friday, April 19, 2013

What to Eat?

On Friday morning, Eric took everybody to Namsan Park to walk around while I stayed home and worked on preparing Hamlet. Kennedy took her camera along, so we have evidence!

After their walk, they brought home Pizza School for lunch. Evan and Jen got their first experience with the eclectic pizza toppings we have here--sweet potato was the favorite, I think.

Afterwards, we headed over to Namdaemun to check out another outdoor market. This one is much more tourist-friendly. It has nearly anything one would want to buy in Seoul--you could spend hours perusing everything. If it wasn't so cold. I found a little shop that had some imported items I've never seen here before--like couscous. So exciting!

Earlier in the day, we had called a friend and asked for a recommendation for another Korean restaurant to try for dinner that night, since we'd already gone to our favorites. He suggested something, and it sounded easy enough, so that's what we planned on.

It was a short hike to get there, but we managed fine. Then, we struggled a bit with finding it. Eventually, we found the place. It turned out that it was not exactly what everyone had been expecting. No one seemed to thrilled with the idea, so we were off again to find something else.

On our long walk through town, we discussed multiple options. Eventually, we ended up settling for one of the restaurants we always settle on--foreigner friendly and warm.

We thought we were having samgyupsal, but we ended up with kalbi again. Along with the typical banchan--kimchi, radishes, a soup, and even a macaroni salad this time.

We also ordered a dolsot bibimbap--basically rice and vegetables in a hot clay pot. Jen and Evan enjoyed that along with their kalbi.

After dinner, the ladies took a cab home while the men took a brisk walk in the cold evening air. I am so glad that it is finally starting to warm up around here! We even had highs over 60 three days this week! What a thrill!

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