Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Spring Break

Things have been just a tad busy around here lately! Honestly, I shouldn't even be sitting here typing this, but I feel guilty that it's been so long since I've posted! I should be reading Hamlet and preparing lessons and planning for the unit I started this week on Shakespeare. But, I'm not. Since Evan and Jen left last night, I've just been tired. I am now coming down with the cold that Evan suffered through all week, and now that my grades are done and my lessons for this week are planned, I'm just ready to relax. I don't have that option, but I'm ready to anyway.

Lindy arrived the Saturday night after our spring break began, and then Evan and Jen arrived early Sunday morning. They were troopers and stayed awake all day, even heading to church with us shortly after their arrival. After church, we headed to our favorite lunch spot on Haebongchon--Indigo. Then, we walked through Itaewon and checked out the school. We didn't want to wipe everyone out on their first day, so we headed home after that. We introduced them to our favorite Korean fast food restaurant that evening--Kimbap Heaven--for some dongas and kimbap.

The next day, we headed to Seoul Tower, of course. No trip to Seoul is complete without it. The fact that it is the geographical center of Seoul and one of the highest points in Seoul makes an early stop at Seoul Tower a no-brainer. Not that anyone can really orient themselves in this city in a week!

Jen and I had fun playing with our camera settings and using our husbands as subjects in the sunlight while at the tower. Afterwards, we headed back to Itaewon to get some cookies and coffee before perusing the antiques street.

Then we walked back up to our neighborhood to have an early dinner at our favorite Korean BBQ restaurant, Wellbeing. It was a first for all of three of them to experience kalbi and kimchi--Eric didn't even take Lindy when she was here last year. Even the chopsticks were a challenge, but I think everyone was able to find something they enjoyed!

We were home in time for an early bedtime for our jet-lagged travelers, who were especially tired after our day of walking all over the city!

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